38TH Judicial District Attorney's Office

Daniel J. Kindred

District Attorney


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This site was created and is maintained by the office of Daniel J. Kindred at no cost to the community .

Welcome to our Web site!


Please use the forms on this website to expedite court proceedings


Our mission is to provide a safe community where citizens can live, work and raise their families without fear of crime.


The 38TH Judicial District serves Medina, Real and Uvalde Counties.  The District Attorney's Office is responsible for prosecuting all adult felonies in the 38TH Judicial District. 


This office will treat all members of the community with dignity and fairness.


Protecting the Community
The District Attorney’s Office is committed to protecting our community by working closely with citizens and members of law enforcement.

All employees are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to the community.


Helping Victims
The District Attorney’s Office is committed to provide or arrange for services to meet the material, emotional and informational needs of victims and witnesses, thereby allowing for faster and more complete recovery from the effects of crime.

The programs, initiatives listed are staffed by specially trained District Attorney Employees.

Thank you for visiting our site. 



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